“If you knew a 12-year-old girl living in poverty, and her life would change when she’s 12, would you do something to save her? We wanted to do that.”
Apshy & Aishy Vimal

In 2011, Aishy Vimal who was then 14, came across the Girl Effect foundation during a Geography project. Together with her sister Apshy who was then 15, they decided to help girls worldwide by raising awareness and funds for the foundation. Since they had been learning tap, ballet and modern dance from a young age, they choreographed a flash mob dance to their favourite Justin Bieber song, brought their friends and hundreds of people together, and danced in 4 major shopping malls. The media and public support was fantastic. The ‘Girl Effect Flash Mob’ was a huge success.

In 2013, they continued their effort by organising a charity dance concert, where they successfully raised RM 101,000 for the Girl Effect and 3 other Malaysian charities including Fugee School, IQ 70 Plus and Children’s Wish Society Malaysia. The event was supported by Shirena Hamzah and Clara Lim of Dancesteps Studio and saw almost 50 dancers come together to perform 10 dance pieces. Serinda Swan made a special trip to Malaysia to support Apshy and Aishy in this effort. The event was attended by the Malaysian Royal family, celebrities, philanthropists, corporations and many individuals who came together to do what they can, where they are.