FtoM complements and supports those who are already doing this work, and welcomes those who want to do this work. As a friend to mankind, every action undertaken will not just benefit those directly involved, but will be for the flowering of humanity too. These are the areas that we aspire to bring about change as we continue to explore ideas, insights, research and resolutions with communities and organisations.


  • To inspire humanity to make peace, a way of life.
  • To initiate the consciousness of respect, interdependency and friendship.
  • To create a sense of responsibility by doing what can, where we are.
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  • To explore and understand current issues affecting the environment.
  • To develop plans to act on the current issues with communities, schools and organisations.
  • To remind humanity that we are the custodians of this planet for future generations.
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  • To empower the youth of today with relevant life skills, by connecting them to industry experts.
  • To explore the meaning of right success – a success that does not only bring abundance to one … but to all.
  • To coach and mentor the youth to be competent leaders.
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  • To work with people, experts, and government bodies to understand health issues faced by communities.
  • To create a consciousness that healthy living is everyone’s birthright.
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Arts & Culture

  • To preserve the arts and culture as an integral part of life.
  • To educate communities about the various cultures across boundaries.
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  • To create new ways of learning experientially with youth.
  • To encourage individuals and businesses to mentor and coach youth and young adults.
  • To build sustainable programmes that equip youth with industry competencies, both emotionally and professionally.
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  • To consult, build and train corporations to execute socially responsible projects / initiatives that matter. We work to strategise the rebranding process of corporations and their causes.
  • To bridge the gap between corporations and their causes through various initiatives.
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