Project Dignity is an initiative to empower everyone to be a contributor in this world. It’s also about personal empowerment, so one finds one’s place in life and has the ability and skill sets to live in a way that one is giving, one is contributing, and one is of value. This is the base of Project Dignity. It’s about companies, corporations and individuals opening opportunities in the real world and participating in developing life skills in young adults. This will enable them to explore and find out for themselves the areas of life they want to involve themselves in, and to grow from there. Our concerted efforts will contribute to building a world that supports dignity for all.

The role we play is to support, to mentor and to create real life situations for this to be actualised. For instance, the movie, Temuan Takdir was a Project Dignity Initiative. The making of this movie was a great opening for many young people to learn this craft and to be involved in all aspects of moviemaking. And in this we have managed to give so many young adults the chance to learn a new skill.

What Project Dignity involves

  • Mentorship Programmes
  • Internships
  • Practical Training
  • Workshops

Life skills covered

Communication Filming
Writing Editing
Web Development Music Appreciation
Social Media Basic Accounting
Photography Project Management

Mentorship Programmes